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Sent shivers down my spine.

DanJohansen responds:

Awesome, thanks for the compliment Rupert my man! \m/

You have some killer tones going on with your guitars and I liked the composition a lot.

But you need to tweak your compressor settings a lot. The song will get louder and quieter depending on how much is going on and at the moment it's a little extreme. The volume right now is more like the waves of the ocean instead of a even line.

Also your clean guitar was a bit out of tune. Not too noticeable though.

cursed666 responds:

Ah yes, the compressor issue... I still have no idea how to fix that, I've tried all manner of variation in my compressor settings, nothing seems to make a difference... Perhaps it's just because the stock FL Studio compressor sucks (Or maybe I suck at using it?).

The guitar was somewhat out of tune, I think it's because the strings are two years old but, let's be honest, it's probably because I haven't played guitar in so long I'm rusty.

Thanks for the review though, I gotta say out of all my Metal submissions, this one is my favorite. Did a lot of work on it, spent a lot of time I didn't have lol

I really liked your song. It sounds so nice and innocent in the first half, and I love it. It's very calming/relaxing. I also liked the second half of the song where the mood changes entirely. It's a different kind of sound but it's still really pumping and sounds pretty rad.

The only thing that bothered me in the song was the the actual process of the key and mood change at 2:33. I felt that specific moment seemed really out of place, as since the pitch is shifting down, it creates a creepy kind of sound, where as the rest of the song gives a determined or dreary sound. Minor complaint though.

Nice song :)

Lethal-Input responds:

Thanks! My intention was to make the transition sound creepy and dissonant compared to the beginning. It could have been done better, but eh I was good enough with it to keep it in the song.

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